Anonymous said: rihannas not rude........

lool ok

Anonymous said: It's very possible I mean I like you, and were hundreds of miles a way

come of anon boo xo

Is it possible to like someone who lives hundreds of miles away you’ve never met.


 🌊 ZEU$ KING$ 🌊

got-the-juice said: Fuck marry kill: Beyoncé Rihanna Nicki Minaj

Marry Nicki because she’s been my bae I’ve followed her grind since ‘09 Fuck Beyoncé cuz she’s queen and kill Rihanna because she’s rude as fuck but then she’s funny sometimes so idk




► yung navy ◄

Anonymous said: Top or bottom

what do you think? 

come off anon


occire said: happy birthday? have a good day man

thankyou boo, yeah i had an amazing day! had my first driving lessons dn taught 4 dance classes in the evening! x

calrow said: Happy birthday for last week! :')


Anonymous said: Are you in a relationship?

nah, I’m happy single i have been for over a year since i came out, its just less stress. Im an independent person and i like focusing on myself and bettering what I’m doing.

Anonymous said: What's your sexuality?


Anonymous said: How old are you?

i was 17 last week, TURN UPPP